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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 26, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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he does exact low that. >> okay. there we go. the basketball fans too. >> on a more serious note, i learned that the humans may fight over the debt ceiling. are i know someone who can actual low recite that. >> i learned that the president's numbers are pretty low right now. if you don't know about that, it's fascinating. >> the numbers are coming in. sorry about that. it's better in the future. stick around. "the daily rundown" is next. now that the news fog has lifted, they are back in harry reid's fans. it is the shut down is unlikely.
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speaker boehner hunkered down for a fight over the debt limit. president obama heads just outside to hitch his health care plan. the debate was heading on personal attacks on policy specifics. of course i would like to think they had a few surprises. good morning from washington. this is "the daily rundown" and i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first read of the morning starting with the shut down. we are 111 hours awaway. the whole thing could be avoided or kicked down the road a little bit. they began considering the house bill, but defund the health care
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reform. they sped up the process and put the senate on track to send any bill they come up with a day earlier than previously planned. harry reid trying not to jam the house, but the way the timeline looks now is harry reid will strip the bill of language and moves to cutoff the bill tomorrow. the senate will send over a clean bill and could get to the house by saturday. there is debate on what happens next. one possibility is the house buys a little time by sending back a one-week spending bill. >> i think they still could have time to send something different back, particularly if they sent along with it, a short-term like one week clean cr so there would be no disruption. >> texas republican congressman said we are not going to just vote on a clean cr and accepted it back over if we can come to some sort of agreement and to a
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short-term piece while we are working on language, fine. if not, we are stuck. >> they are being dominated still by ted who tori. senator john mccain went at him with a different argument and said they cast different judgment on the 2012 election. >> that doesn't mean we give up our efforts to try to replace and repair obama care. it does mean that elections have consequences. >> mccain also hit for saying those who are not on board with his strategy to stop health care from becoming law are comparable to nazi appeasers. >> i do disagree strongly to allege that there are people today who are like those who
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prior to world war ii didn't stand up and oppose the atrocities that were taking place in new york. >> cruz for his part once his 21 hour talk-a-thon was over. >> the single biggest surprise on arriving to the senate is the defeatist attitude here. we don't even talk about how to in. there is no discussion. >> the government shut down is not the only reason they circled october 1st on the calendar. the first day for enrollment in the new health care exchanges. fully aware that the campaign has been lacking will head to maryland to promote reform for the second time in a week. the preview of his speech, the president will cut through all the noise coming out of washington and speak directly in plain and honest terms about what the affordable care act
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means for consumers. they are not the only trying to make the sale unhealthy for them. >> it used to be only if you had certain jobs in this country could you afford health security for yourself and your family and could you take care of your family. now people, individuals and enterprises and small business owners will have an affordable option. >> the obama administration started giving folks a glimpse of how much insurance will cost. he thinks the plan will sell itself. >> what we are saying to people is look, go to the website itself. when people look and see they can get high quality affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill, they are going to sign up. >> for more on the health care bill, the white house deputy senior adviser for communications. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me start with the public opinion issue here. obviously you need to fix that
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overtime. how do you change the public perception of the health care law and why do you think it is in such a bad place right now? >> thanks for that. first of all it's important to begin with when people view and think about the health care issue, they do not this with the democrats versus republicans. it is the single most intangible pursuit that people wrestle with. any time there is a level of uncertainty and there questions about i don't know how this really will affect me, that uncertainty manifests itself. all you need to do is lock back at what we saw before the launch of medicare to see that precise level of uncertainties is once that program began, what you saw was democrats essentially putting aside the opposition they that had to the law and said look, it's our
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responsibilities to educate consumers and tell them about the benefits and let's work to make this better. it is our hope that we hear things like you heard from senator mccain. we can transition soon to a period where folks say let's put aside the blue versus the red team. here's what the law means for you. if you had questions, here's where to go. >> what are you most worried about october 1st? >> on october 1st, what i want to happen is for all systems to be go. folks go to health and see the application and make the apples to apples comparison. >> anybody in all 50 states, everything is up and running. you will have an exchange available in some form or another? >> that's right. on october 1st, here's the analogy. the shelves are stocked and customers can go into the store and make the price-based
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comparison and then there is going to be variation in different places about what you can do and when you can do it. for the first time ever and i can't put too fine of a point on this, people will be able to go to one place and make an apples to apples compare and decide whether or not what they see works for themselves and their 235 family. just the fact that we have been able to through the law create a market place where none existed before is the first tangible piece of success. >> why do you think there a lot of companies that have been announcing changes in their health care coverage whether it's tightening the rules or kicking off spouses? why do you think this is happening? is that fair to the new health care law? is that how you see it? is that a fair assessment? >> chuck, i think it's important
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to do a context actual analysis. of all employers offered health care benefits. by 2009 that was down to 59%. that was a drop of hundreds of thousands of companies who individually on a year to year basis before the affordable care act were making these decisions about what made sense for them and what didn't. that continues today. here's the difference. when you peel back the numbers and look at where most of the erosion occurred, it was for companies of employees between three and 25 employees. in 2011 alone because of the affordable care act, 200,000 small businesses got a new tax credit to expand coverage and beginning on october 1st, there was something called a shock about to be opened up for business. today's small businesses paid 18% more than big businesses for providing coverage.
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why? smaller pools. the bottom line is look, there has been a trend over the decade of these decisions being made. that trend is ongoing. there options for the company, but in the market places for the employees for the first time. >> quickly, you have to hit a minimum amount of people that didn't happen before to make the pool work. what is it in the first year? one million or three million or 7 million? what is it? >> the denominator is important issue but not a number i will focus on right now. what's going to be important is the ratio. if you have x number of people signing up in a state, it's important to have a ratio of third to maybe 40% depending upon the state who are younger and healthier. why? here's what i believe. older and sicker people need it
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first. >> the communications adviser at the white house. thanks for coming on. >> thanks a lot. >> back now, the complicated way health care is tied to the budget fight. members in the house and senate are looking for a way to avoid the shut down. ron johnson is with me now. before you put the budget, you ran a large business. they are implementing this thing. what do you want to watch for. what do you think may work to your surprise some. >> it will be extremely important. the reason you need a third of young healthy people is they need them to subsidize the younger and sicker people. they will be shocked at how expensive coverage will become because that subsidy.
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the other thing from the standpoint of employers, the incentive for employers long-term and probably in the short-term. do i pay $15,000 for a family kplan by the way is up $2500 rather than down trying to imply or do i pay the $2,000 or $3,000 penalty. i am not throwing them to the wolves. you have a family household income. >> this trend was happening anyway. >> but look at what rahm emmanuel is doing. the former chief staff is dumping chicago into the exchanges. president obama is famous. he said you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep it, period. that's not the truth. there will be broken promise after broken promise. >> is it possible it's better to put more people in it? >> probably. true.
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again, how do you incentivize people to do that? at what cost? >> i will go to what's going on in the senate right now. are you as optimistic as i am? >> i never thought we would have a shut down. there is no desire on the part of the republicans. somehow they always come with the time constraints to something short-term. if someone worried about it, i have been trying to work behind the scenes to pass the resolution since july. it's not only september 30th, but i want americans to focus on the dysfunction as washington, d.c. and contemplate taking over larger shares of the health care system and start questioning that. >> let's talk about the debt limit here. should this be this negotiating tool? you talk to people in business. they are not happy about this.
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they don't like the idea of the debt limit. >> any time the president comes to congress asking for the authority to increase the debt burden on our children and grand children, we ought to have a serious discussion and robust debate. >> the bills have been -- >> the reason we have to increase the debt limit is because of future deficit spending. these are the recommends, but it's the future spending that is the problem. i don't buy the president's argument. this is future spending and deficits and we have to come to terms with the fact that over the next 30 years. a deficit of $107 trillion over the next 30 years. those are scary numbers that most people don't want to face. that's the type of problem we are dealing with. the long-term deficit going from 22% to over 39% over 30 years. >> i want to play a clip here. patty murray, chairman of the
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senate budget committee. they want to shorten it to see if there is a way to do long-term or an annual budget. here's what she said. >> this bill is simply a clean resolution to allow our government to function. it is not a place where we should be negotiating a burch of other doles. some agreeable and some not. then we can have a debate about the other issues and put it in our budget which is what we have been focusing on. >> her vision is by november 15th, you will send back that you guys spend weeks trying to deal with the individual appropriations. the possibility that that can happen? >> in two years, the senate hasn't passed one appropriation bill. >> the house? they have gotten four out of the big 13. >> when the senate will not function well either.
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the house has gotten advice from senators, but i have talking, the house passes and budget control level caps. president obama signed and democrats support. they have to add these things to get the votes in the house and they have the rejection and special treatment to members of congress and i would like to see a repealed method of tax. we have 70 senators. that's harmful and drying up investment in the history and limning innovation and driving jobs overseas. that would be something that harry reid would have to pass. >> sounds like dick durbin supported this on the show several years ago. >> have a great day. >> we have virginia voters getting a look at the options in the race for governor. what differences emerge. that's amid a lot of personal attacks. we will break it down including
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the more interesting and surprising things ahead. today's politics planner. we told you what the president is up to and kathleen sebelius is rolling out taxes. today secretary kerry meets with his iranian counterpart. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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>> the big debate in the old dominion. one of the candidates may have been trying to stop last night while another one was trying to beef it up and which topics did he make or break? it comes down to being a choice versus experience.
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it's robert, dad. [ female announcer ] come in to find the right credit options for your needs. because when people talk, great things happen. my first read i moderated the first debate between the 50 two candidates between the most com at the time 55 and closely watched dpof nor's race. $20 million has been spent in the old dominion and 75% of the ads that aired are negative. if you anyhow nothing about the race, democratic national.
9:25 am
>> he spoeent most of his career -- >> the governor gave my opponent $18,000 and instead of take pg him to court, they were taking trips to new york city and has a turkey dinner. i said that's a lot of urk itty. >> we will have to change the state motto to quid pro quo. >> he was trailing by 18 points in our most recent poll. it is best to try to soften that image mentioning his work to combat domestic violence and convicts at every opportunity.
9:26 am
>> no one up here as done more to protect women than i have. >> he lags among voters and thinks would be best for business in the monwealth defended his own while arguing conservative views on social issues will be bad for the economy. neither wanted to be pinned down weeks before the election. cuccinelli said he will eliminate the tax loopholes and wouldn't say which ones. >> why can't you give us a price tag on which spending you would love. >> first of all, i want pre-k, early childhood development. we need to invest. the key will be the medicaid expansion. >> you don't know the price? >> 33,000 new jobs. >> i wanted to clarify, no price
9:27 am
to go. you said loopholes. we hear that and it sounds like you are afraid to tell us what you are thinking about cutting. >> what we will do with loopholes is rank them. we know what they are and they have been identified. >> what are they? >> there scores of them. >> the two agree on one thing. washington is an embarrassment and a disgrace. both ran away from the national parties. cuccinelli said he is no ted and hery fused to say how the president would handle the shut down. >> he finished a filibuster today and you have to vote. you have to keep moving forward. >> benefit you get it, shame on everybody. >> including the president? >> shame on everybody until this gets done. >> the clearest distinctions
9:28 am
were on health care and guns. the democratic nominee is this comfortable boating up the nra. >> i'm running against the only f rated candidate in the nra running state-wide. >> whatever rating i may get, i will stand here and tell you, as governor i want to make sure every citizen is safe. >> here was an interesting divide on an issue that was surprising for folks. particularly folks in northern virginia. whether virginia should join most other state when is it comes to allowing school districts to start school before labor day. >> no. business is too important and the change costs us about $369 million. >> children outrank tourism.
9:29 am
localities should have the opportunity to make that decision. >> joining me now say panelist with me last night at the debate. "the daily rundown" reporter and professor, the director of the university of virginia politics. i want to start with you. you did something and saw this debate from an angle that the three of us did not. you watched it on television which is always more important. that's how most voters saw it. what did you see? >> i saw a good debate and a vigorous debate and well-moderated debate. >> i have to say -- >> there you go. i saw a debate that didn't change a thing. this reinforced what the voters and the party base has talked about. it was a good debate. mcauliffe went in with the lead and came out with the lead. >> you covered these candidates closely and i remember when we
9:30 am
were going through the debate, it would be nice to see if we can get them to sw are this, answer this. >> they mostly dodged the things they did. he will offset the cuts and he did take something on the position. he seemed to be saying he felt it was time to move on and not to a shut down. he would say it. >> when you saw that, did any of them say anything that surprised you? i look at the gun issue and it didn't surprise me. when i think about the last five nominees for the democratic governor, it struck me. >> this is a different position.
9:31 am
they didn't back away from it talking about these checks the not help and they need to give him another opening and soften the image. this has been a key part of talking about his past and working with this. >> the scandal was hovering, but not necessarily a direct back and forth. i want to play this clip when cuccinelli was asked about the star scientific and why he thought he was getting money. his answer was fascinating. take a listen. >> ironically i met mr. williams through the governor and at the time what was going on didn't seem lick a big deal. digive $18,000 to a charity it
9:32 am
took a while to get that together. that was a hard thing to do. >> i met him through the governor. ouch. throwing the governor under that bus. >> he stuck it right. you can understand why. mcdonald is a giant albatross around cuccinelli's neck. >> why is that? he is still polling fairly well. there is an interesting disconnect with voters. they say well, we like the job he has done. >> yes, but i see polls where he's in the low to mid 40s too. you have to average them out. here's the real problem. he is facing potentially and can't campaign very much and they don't like that. if donald was popular and he was at 70%. he would be leading.
9:33 am
>> that's an interesting point. this is going into it and driving folks crazy. i asked him about it last night. here's what he said. >> can you explain why you haven't released more of the tax returns. you pushed mid-romney to do this. your imagination runs wild. >> i have gone beyond what the last governors have done when governor and donald ran up and beyond that. >> is he right? >> technically he is. history is one thing and political reality is another. republicans are trying to turn him into romney. >> it is watching this and his business deals. >> cuccinelli said i am a man of the regular people and corporate interest. i released my tax returns and you sound like the debate last year. >> if we tripped him up, it was the red skips question.
9:34 am
>> i don't think the governor should be telling private business. >> do you have a personal opinion on it? >> i'm not going to tell anybody what they can do with their business. i want to congratulate the redskins. it was spectacular. >> mr. cuccinelli -- >> that is up to them entirely. 80 years of history with that team is kind of hard to leave behind. i understand that. i also don't think the g 3 should have been played in the second quarter. >> they both didn't want to say they are against changing. it's up to the team. >> a >> mcauliffe was the only one. neither gave a clear answer. like larry said, this was sort of what they wanted to reinforce the negative, but there was no game changer. >> quick low, do you think any part of that debate will be in a tv ad?
9:35 am
>> several parts will be. the negative parts where they are attacking the other. they were accurate. both sides were accurate. >> we have a lot more on our website. we'll be right back with a lot more on "the daily rundown." [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever.
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9:39 am
that's why so many are running around the the state. congratulations to today's winner. accepted your trivia questions to "the daily rundown." we'll be right back. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new ka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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it's your move. the all-new 2014 lexus is. with an innovative showerhead plus wireless speaker, kohler is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower. >> the un is going through the opening session and moments ago that was not a rerun. the iranian president again was again speaking before the united nations and this time discussing disarmament. he said no nation should possess nuclear weapons and seeks to have a world free of nuclear weapons. john kerry will sit down with his iranian counterpart and it will be the highest level contact from the united states and iran since president obama took office. the two will meet with leaders and britain, china, france,
9:43 am
germany and russia. rock star bono did his best impression of bill clinton this week. on wednesday clinton showed he can give as good as he got. >> we are irish. we can imitate anybody. i have been singing so long and screaming loud at these conerces that i'm hoarse. that's why all my charities only have three-letter names. like red. one. you need more effort than u2. >> very funny.
9:44 am
let's bring in our democratic strategist. with americans for tax reform. the clinton event and the political thing. hillary clinton hanging out there. doug, i want to ask about what biden and hillary have been doing. he is preparing to run in case. the in case of emergency. what he is writing is the campaign and going to the places. >> doing all the little things that hillary is not doing. he controls the tempo of the race. i think she can get in as late as you can. she has a national organization that is dormant, but is ready to go. she can raise 50 or $100 million the first day she announced.
9:45 am
she has universal name id. she controls the tempo. it's not just biden, but cuomo and will lock at her move. she doesn't get in, she will see a larnler field and you will see her and know wo other democrat who tries to run the left. >> what do you make of the clinton palosa? the fact that hillary clinton is involved. >> the conversation about what we heard with barbara bush saying we had enough of that, the interesting aspect that they don't seem to have a problem with that. >> they did have a problem with it years ago and now they don't. >> everything they are saying, you were a strong candidate and huge name id and properties the most formidable photo. she has bill clinton. that secret weapon in her back pocket. as a republican i look forward to seeing that. she would present a strong and a
9:46 am
big debate off the partisan politics that we are for sure to see. >> it's funny you say that. i'm going what you are saying is that a clinton will run and not going to be partisan? >> yeah. >> whether it's a bush or clinton or obama. >> hillary clinton seems to personify it. it was the most polarizing of them all. >> president obama made me nostalgic because of that. >> you know what's going to happen? after one year of the hillary clinton presidency, you will miss the days of when barack obama had that. it happens all the time. they claim they miss bush. >> right. >> you miss, but at least with bush he was this or something like that. >> i can't quite jump to the end of the first year of the clinton
9:47 am
presidency. i want to see what's going to happen in the democratic primary. she didn't get through it last time and she is always at her best when she is not running for anything. >> talking about before all the business. who is even that level? >> that made all the true -- >> i didn't run. i was setting him aside. if he ran, that's difficult. >> i think that clinton actually got good things. it's another word for that. >> you are right, it's going to be the interests themselves. saw some like e liz weth warren. it's hers right now. she is going to control the tempo. i'm not saying she was going to win the nomination, but she's in
9:48 am
the driver's seat. >> if no one else does it, he will do it to make a point. pay don't get along. how are things? >> i think it's possible she could be her own worst enemy. she could have a tone she could defeat rather than hanging out there. lots of stories and looking into that. >> here's something that could benefit her in the months. it looks like the republican side would be much more. >> very strong. >> strong, but twicive. >> divicive, but not in the way we are seeing the republican party be divicive on the hill. if we had a christie walker debate, it would. >> through the day, chicken and
9:49 am
chorizo. how about that. spicy sausage. we'll be right back. hey linda!
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president obama becomes part salesman, part explainer in chief pitching health care and laying out exactly what he believes consumers can expect when they start to sign up for the marketplace exchanges next tuesday, but will this latest push help the president attract people to this plan because it's really what it's about. let's bring in maddie duckler and matt cornblu it th. a lot of democrats are saying this criticism from conservatives is simply because they're afraid it's going to work. >> people are in charge of implementing this law and you've heard from many states that their exchanges aren't ready and we still don't know what the federal exchange looks like. all signs point to the fact that this law is not ready. so if you're someone that
9:53 am
believes that obama care will benefit the nation you should probably be uncomfortable, too, with the idea that this is going online on tuesday. >> doug, say you have 1,990,000 successful transactions. you have 10,000 unsuccessful transactions. we're going to hear a lot about those 10,000 unsuccessful transactions more so. how does your side combat this issue? ? that's been the story -- >> that's 1% of problems that will be blown up. >> if it is -- we don't hear a lot about the 15 million young kids that have insurance under their parents' plan. we don't hear about the kids that have pre-existing conditions. we don't hear about that because a lot of it's focused on the process and i'll readily admit that democrats, we fell down because we got the focus of the health care debate became the sausage-making process. what the president has to do is focus the individual components of the plan that have been popular throughout, and i think
9:54 am
he's also going point to a lot of the people who are going to get coverage after october 1st, beginning in january as examples of this plan working and the reality is the republicans have not presented their alternative plan and their alternative is get rid of obama care. >> the conservative caucus does introduce a bill. >> that is a little late and that has been a big problem. >> the paul ryan plan was the alternative plan that we were talking about for four years. >> you and i, not to show our age, you and i remember, disaster was predicted. >> it was in the beginning and i do remember that. there were just a lot of predictions of doom and gloom and then i walked into my cvs and they're handing out. >> and they were paying for it in a different matter. to your point about the 10,000
9:55 am
that don't get it is people hearing stories of other people they know and this goes roots effort has worked for them in the past. if anyone can pull that off in the past and they can't wait for it to start working and people can talk about it and share their stories. >> shameless plug? they're doing good stuff on the vrj virj race so check this out. >> maryland attorney general, doug gensler announced his campaign for governor this week. he's on a 17-stop tour. >> i take it you have a preference in the primary? >> you'd say that. >> i'll talk to the lieutenant governor, huh? >> and we have a look at eight different people and how they will be affected by the health care law. >> good way to do it. we have a health care week, on all of the nbc news platforms starting next week. that's it for the edition of "the daily rundown." we'll be live from the grand opening of a presidential library, the one that we've been
9:56 am
waiting for. the very first one, george washington library at mt. vernon. cane and warner will be joining me live and coming up chris jansing. bye-bye. not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ♪ ho ho ho nascar is ab.out excitement but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights
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good morning. i'm chris janes asking this morning it looks like republicans could be being bahhing axe way from the threat of a government shutdown. here's what the national journal writes, house republicans ready to retreat. "the washington post," house republican republicans export fed val shutdown. speaker boehner pifg the new plan. it would keep the government rung, but only briefly. that fight would just move down the road two weeks. instead of trying defunding obama care and shutting down government, it would delay a yore had-long health care law. today the president is going on the offensive. less than an hour he'll drum up


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